47th Beach Karate Practice – Media Coverage!

We were very fortunate today:  after a month and a half of ice and snow build-up, then a week of torrential rain, we arrive to beautiful, mild, even sunny, weather.  Thank you UBC members, for coming in to rake and clear our temporary sand dojo. With all the (rightful!) attention on the local and global events this Saturday, we thought our Beach practice would be a quiet event seen only by friends, family, and a few passers-by.  Here are [...]

Getting Ready for the Beach Practice, and the Soggy Aftermath

Beach Practice Practical Wisdom ... Here are a few tips for our 46th beach practice on Saturday, January 16th, 2016, from 1-1:45 PM, at English Bay. Eat a good (warm?) breakfast a couple of hours before practice. Arrive dressed warmly: fleece, warm socks and boots, hat, on top of your gi. Hang on to what body heat you have. Beg friends and/or family to be there to cheer you on, take photos, and hold your stuff. You will be so grateful they are [...]

Top Ten Moments at our 61st Black Belt Brown Belt Workshop

10.  Rugrats Underfoot.   9. The Mental Crucible that is Testing. 8.   Friends Old and New, From Near and Far (Yes, You, from Haida Gwaii!). 7.  Expert Demos a.k.a. Spousal Negotiations - Someone Might Be Getting a Special Pinch When They Get Home. 6.  Grown-Ups Having Fun, and Adolescent Fatigue. 5.  Tournament and Competitive Training with Andreas and Junya. 4.  The Annual General Meeting, a [...]

Thank You For Seeing It Through 

It's late in the day.  Everyone is getting tired.  We're all hungry and most of the medals have been awarded.  As divisions finish the ring mats are getting packed up - like taking apart a giant jigsaw! And yet we are not finished.  Still there are people who want to compete, have experiences they haven't had, or experiences they want to repeat. Karateka are a tenacious bunch, as are those who support us.  So many stuck it out with us into [...]

Sensei Hiroshi Ota is a karate-do instructor at Keio University in Japan, and he met Sato Sensei about ten years ago in India.

(Check out our new website: Sensei Ota's university Karate club sempai is Mr. Nakura, the WKF general secretary, who was one of the key proponents for Karate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020. On Tuesday, October 25, Sensei Sato has invited Sensei Ota to come back to Vancouver for a seminar, from 7-9 pm. $20 per adult, $10 for juniors. See you there!