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For Future Reference…

For the next time you get ready for our beach karate-do practice, here are the tips we'd emailed before today's practice: Beach Practice Practical Wisdom ... Here are a few tips for our 44th beach practice on Saturday, January 11th, 2014, from 1-2 PM, at English Bay. Eat a good (warm?) breakfast a couple of hours before practice. Arrive dressed warmly: fleece, warm socks and boots, hat, on top of your gi. Hang on to what body heat you have. Beg friends and/or family [...]

2014 Beach Practice

The last few days in Vancouver have been gray, with torrential rain and wind. Yes, not a huge deal compared to the snow storms back east, but wow, few of us were looking forward to training in the heavy rain! Thankfully, at exactly the time we were scheduled to train, the rains and winds stopped. Thank you to the members of the UBC club who arrived earlier to rake and clear the sand of sharp objects! Here we are against the [...]

Dan Testing Results, November 2013

On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, here are the official belt test results, from the examinations taken on November 10, 2013, during the Black Belt/Brown Belt Workshop at Hombu Dojo. The following Dan grades were awarded. ​ James McCarthy​​, Rokudan​ (Victoria) Tony Han​​, Nidan​​ (Nikkei) Warren MacLean​ Shodan​ (Hombu) Takeshi Fukuda​, Shodan​ (Pemberton) Kota Fukuda​​, Shodan Ho​ (Pemberton) Congratulations! See you all at the next Black Belt/Brown Belt Workshop, scheduled for the Spring on Vancouver Island.

Black Belt/Brown Belt Workshop

This past weekend was the 56th Black Belt/Brown Belt workshop headed by Sato Sensei, this time hosted at the Hombu Dojo. As always, this was a time for advanced (not in years, in karate-mileage) members to come together, to refine our basics (via Sanchin and Tensho) and to practice more specific skills. The advanced kata was Chinto, here led by Sensei Scott. Chinto in slow motion led by Sensei Scott This was also an opportunity for members to socialize. We [...]

To Manchester with Love

A couple of weeks ago, Sato Sensei went to Manchester, England to give a seminar that was a fundraiser to give medical aid to a five year-old. See the link to the article on the Manchester Evening Knits.