Sensei Ota

Sensei Ota

Sensei Hiroshi Ota is a karate-do instructor at Keio University in Japan, and he met Sato Sensei about eight years ago in India, when he was the national team coach for the Bangladeshi karate team.

This past summer, Sensei Sato invited Sensei Ota to come to Vancouver to give kumite workshops.  Last Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Sensei Ota was at Hombu in Vancouver, after which he gave workshops in Courtenay and Pemberton.

The workshop at Hombu emphasized basics in a kumite context.  Sensei Ota was affable and had quite the sense of fun.  I suspect he found us amusing in our earnestness:  he kept asking us to slow down our counts, so that we may “enjoy” the techniques.

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