Results, Black Belt Testing, December 7, 2014

Results, Black Belt Testing, December 7, 2014

On the weekend of December 6-7, Hombu Dojo hosted the semi-annual Brown Belt/Black Belt Workshop.  Saturday, we focused on our basics. We also learned and practiced Kusanku Sho.

On Sunday, eight members participated in the dan testing. Below are the results, thank you Mert Sensei.

“On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, I would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.

The following Dan grades were awarded.

Anthony Au:  Godan (Hombu)

Chris Nicol:  Yondan (Ladner)

Trevor Walmsley: Yondan (Hombu)

Bojan Petrovic:  Sandan (Hombu)

Colin Reynolds:  Shodan (Hombu)

Dejan Erdevicki:  Shodan (Hombu)

Hana Lamb:  Junior Black (Ladner)

Enisha Dhaliwal:  Junior Black (Ladner)

Congratulations one and all.

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