Testing Results From the Brown/Black Belt Workshop Weekend

Testing Results From the Brown/Black Belt Workshop Weekend

On the weekend of May 10-11, the Courtenay Club was once more our hostest with the mostest. Saturday, we worked on the latest changes in officiating, in anticipation of the upcoming Provincials (and beyond). We also learned and practiced Tomari Bassai.

On Sunday, about a dozen members participated in the dan testing. Below are the results, thank you Mert Sensei.

“On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, I would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.”

The following Dan grades were awarded:

Leo Rossini​, Shichidan​ (Hombu​)
Scott Cheung, ​​​Shichidan​ (Hombu)
Yas Yamamoto​, Rokudan​ (Hombu)
Andreas Kuntze, ​Yondan​ (Hombu)
Rosella Ng​​, Yondan​ (Hombu)
Susana Cheng​, Nidan​ (Hombu)
Christopher Ho​, Shodan​ (Nikkei)
Karen Ng​, Shodan​ (Nikkei)
Matthew Chang​, Shodan​ (Nikkei)
Miho Kataoka​, Shodan​ (Nikkei)
Jeremy Lyster, ​Junior Black​ (Courtenay)
Jedrick Fukuyama​, Shodan Ho​ (Hombu)

Congratulations one and all.

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