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Pan-American President and Chief Instructor for Canada:
Shihan Akira Sato, 8th Dan

ShitoRyu Seikokai Karate-Do, Hombu Dojo Presents:

47th Annual Karate-Do Beach Practicebeach

For the 47th year in a row, our Shihan Sensei Akira Sato will be leading our Annual Karate-Do Beach Practice on Saturday, January 21, 2017, 1 to 2 PM, at English Bay Beach, 300 yards west of the Inukshuk.

Come see our annual salutation to the New Year. This is our karate-do version of the Polar Bear Swim. At 1 o’clock sharp, we will begin a practice much like our regular dojo practices, except that we will be outside on the beach. We will begin with a meditation, then we will practice our kicks, punches, and blocks. We will continue with pair work and kata (forms). Finally, we will do a group run on the beach before we finish with walking basics, in and out of the surf. Freezing fun for all.
If you have questions about this event, please leave your queries at sranewsletterblog@gmail.com.

Why karate?

  • Learn self-defence
  • Improve physical condition
  • Realize you true potential
  • Join a competitive sport
  • Build new friendships
  • Develop inner peace

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